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FXHelix EA – Minimum Effort for Maximum Results!

FXHelix EA developers claim it to be a reliable and high profitable automated trading system that trades in such a way that most of the deals are closed in profit. Let’s put it through a review and see what is the work of this EA in reality.

FXHelix Live Statistics with the Real Money Results

Here are the results of trading on our account with real money! As you can see, the profitability of FXHELIX is constant and does not have unprofitable trading weeks or months. All our trading results are verified by the independent company Myfxbook.

FXHelix – REAL

FXHelix EA Backtest Statistics

In order to fully understand how promising an invented and programmed trading system is, it’s necessary to check it on a backtest first. Having done all the necessary tests on historical quotes (backtest), we were encouraged by the good results. You can look at the detailed results of our tests below, by clicking on the presented graphs.

Backtest 100% Risk

FXHelix AUDUSD Backtest

Backtest 35% Risk

FXHelix AUDUSD Backtest

Profitability & Drawdown

  • So, looking at the charts of the official statistics of the EA we see that the system has shown a pretty high percentage of the drawdown which is equal to 52.14%. It is worth mentioning that this number is the exact highest percentage of the deepest drawdown that has happened on the account on May 17, 2019.

FxHelix Review Drawdown and profitability
  • On the graph, we can see a few deep drawdowns that have been recovered without closing. The deepest drawdown has happened on May 17, 2019, and has recovered by Jun 07, 2019. A few smaller drawdowns have happened during October, December 2019, and one in February 2020 but as it happened before the EA has managed to recover and did not lose the deposit.

  • It could look like an oddly dangerous system if we only take into account the risks but before doing any conclusions let’s see also what is the ratio of profitability of the system.

  • The gain percentage of FXHelix EA is 742% and it has been on the market since July 2018 which is 22 months already. In this case, the average profitability percentage by month is 33,7 % which is also looking pretty high. So, as we can see the EA can bring an average of 33.7% by month with the drawdown level of 52.14% which is actually very good.

  • In this case, we should not be afraid of the 50% drawdown, because, on the other hand, the advisor also shows a high level of profitability, which in relation gives us the right to talk about FXHelix EA as the profitable and stable EA.

Type of Trading

  • The trading logic explained on the developer’s website is quite precisely displayed in the trading activity of the EA. There are very rare times when the lot is increased in this system. It looks like the advisor uses not typical Martingale strategy with a floating lot rising.

  • Still, the advisor increases lots slightly sometimes but here’s what the developer says about it on the FXHelix EA website: “FXHelix in 90% of cases trades without Martingale (increasing of lots), but in rare cases, it may slightly increase lots to achieve profit”.

  • Analyzing the charts on MyFxbook I convinced myself that it is likely to be the truth. On the chart below you can see that most of the lots are fixed 0.40 (basic lot size) and then sometimes it happens to rise. At first glance, it could seem like “random” increases which are not actually true. The system opens a grid of the orders (sometimes just two orders) and in some cases according to its logic increases lot size slightly. Mostly the increase is as small as 0.01 – 0.02 but in some rare cases, the EA can rise it to 1.05 or even 1.92 as you can see on the chart.

FxHelix Review Drawdown and profitability
  • The EA uses some semblance of a grid in its trading logic but it seems to be some kind of non-static grid that opens new orders regardless of the number of points between them. It is clearly seen if to analyze the history of the transactions. There is no static number of points on the market needed to be passed for the next order to open. Perhaps, the system might be using some other way to set the grid.

  • Through the historical statistics, the basic starting lot size obviously has risen from 0.10 to 0.40 which could be a consequence of the improvements and corrections in the risk management of the system. Compare the following charts.

FxHelix Review Drawdown and profitability
FxHelix Review Drawdown and profitability
  • In most cases, there is a fixed take-profit of 50 pips which seems to be good for trading using this strategy. As history shows the EA managed to be profitable through some time almost without long deep drawdowns (not taking into account the deep 52% drawdown that we discussed previously).

  • But there is a possible problem for those who expect the system to bring fast money. The take-profit of 50 pips causes some of the trades in rare cases to be opened for period from 14 to 30 days (or in some rare cases even longer) but it seems that this fact hasn’t been preventing the system to bring profit.

  • FXHelix EA shows stable results in the number of trades by day. It’s very clearly seen from the chart above that the system on average opens 1-2 transactions per day. Sometimes there could be days without newly opened transactions but it happens approximately 25-30% fewer times than the openings.

  • As mentioned, it opens only 1-2 transactions in a day at different moments which is in some way confirms another statement of the developers: “Our Forex robot analyzes the history of price movements to notice a price movement that goes against the expected average movement on a currency pair. Based on this data, the EA makes a decision about opening a trade and its direction”. This conclusion

FxHelix Review Drawdown and profitability
  • At the same time, the advisor is very likely to close trades in the period from one to 14 days which confirms the statement of the developers on the official website: “FXHelix is not a Scalper and not an Arbitrage EA, which makes it compatible with any MT4 broker”.The duration of the trades before closing trajectory is clearly seen in the chart above.


  • Thinking about FXHelix EA as about the quite profitable system is the right way to define the EA but before purchasing it you have to be aware and ready to face the risks the system proposes. And the risks are high as well as the profitability is. The good thing about it is that you are able to control the risks and it will determine the level of profitability of the system.

  • FXHelix shows pretty strong statistics on the live account through almost two years of trading which gives us the reason to call it secure and stable. Of course, we also should not forget the previous really deep drawdowns that have taken place in the FXHelix’s trading history. To avoid the destroying of your account with this system it is vital to follow the recommended settings.

  • If you are going to rise the risks or the lot size for the possible rise of the profitability level you have to realize the possibility of your account being destroyed. If you’re good with it go ahead and if you prefer a safe way of trading just follow all the recommendations.

  • Also, you have to be ready to wait if you’re going to use this system. Sometimes transactions may stay open for a long time that can reach 14-30 days, and in very rare cases even more. But this should not scare you because exactly this way the system achieves stable performance which is proven by its live results.

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