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cTrader Web: Ultra-responsive Web Interfacewithout any Downloads or Installations.

cTrader ECN Trading Platform with sophisticated, user-friendly functionality. cTrader comes with cAlgo development environment, which allows a simple process for creating and testing new indicators and robots (cBots). This intrinsically ECN platform can serve as a great alternative to MetaTrader if you do not like the latter for some reason.

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cTrader for Windows

Trade Forex with a platform designed for high speed of execution. cTrader’s unique design, elegant user interface and advanced features make it a favourite for traders.

cTrader for Android

Trade on-the-go with your Android smartphone or tablet. The cTrader Android app supports all types of execution models and lets you trade directly from the chart.

cTrader for iOS

Get cTrader for iOS and trade directly on your iPhone or iPad. This single app works on all iOS devices and features a full set of trading orders, including pending orders.

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Why cTrader Platform?

cTrader – Advanced ECN Platform

  • Open an ECN Account are free from dealing desk situations where the order is either filled completely or rejected altogether

cTrader: Easy accessibility

  • Maximise the platform easily from your PC, iOS or Android phones and tablets, as well as directly on the web

cTrader – Fast Order Execution

  • With cTrader, orders are completed securely within milliseconds. Enjoy the fastest ultra low latency execution possible

cAlgo: Algorithmic Platform

  • Automate your trading to free up time with algorithmic trading platform developed for the creation and implementation of cBots

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