List of The Top Social Trading Forex Brokers with Copy Trade Platforms.

The Social Trading is an environment where interaction between the traders is an ongoing process with an aim to share knowledge with other traders. This service creates the community of traders and allows vast of opportunities to trade, copy or compare trading strategy while even traders with zero knowledge can trade on financial markets by replication of expert traders’ orders.

Thus, the Social Trading Forex Brokers bringing also a platform that transforms into the mirror, copy and auto trading. The Social Trading trend is popular in recent years owing to the enhancement of trading activity as well as attractive idea not to rely only on fundamental or technical analysis to form the decision but to share trading techniques.

Typically, Copy Trade Platforms offering the selection of traders to follow, while considering the percentage of successful operation for every financial instrument traded and synchronization between the accounts. There are many platforms available currently, while most of them are almost the same feature with the major difference of trading community size.

So, in simple words, Social Trading is the activity to learn which strategies work, which are not, to duplicate or become an expert and all brought by a very attractive cost, while the only payment will be a small markup on the successful trade.