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Minimal Deposit:

$200for 0.01 lot

Type of Trading:

  • Price Action Strategy

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  • 1:100 or Higher

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  • XM Broker

FXConstant – Your Constant Key to Profitable Automated Trading for Every Day.

FXConstant EA is the newest Forex robot that shows high profitability on the real trading account that’s why we need to review this expert advisor as it’s been released not long ago. Let’s break down the real trading performance of the system to see its possible potential.

FXCONSTANT Live Statistics with the Real Money Results

FXConstant EA has got one live trading account on Myfxbook. The trading on the account started in July 2019 with a $1000 deposit and made 357% of the profit. FXConstant EA works only on EURUSD currency pair. The trading curve on the live trading account of the system has a strong upward tendency but at the same time has a bunch of sharp edges which makes it not as smooth as it could be.

FXConstant Robot – EURUSD REAL

FXCONSTANT EA Backtest Statistics

FXConstant EURUSD Aggressive

FXConstant EURUSD Aggressive

FXConstant EURUSD Normal

FXConstant AUDUSD Aggressive

FXConstant AUDUSD Aggressive

FXConstant AUDUSD Normal

FXConstant EA has got two backtests that show potential trading results of the systems on the historical quotes. These backtest show the difference between the trading of FXConstant EA in an Aggressive mode and a Normal one. Both backtests are made on 1H timeframe using every tick testing model which is the most precise method of backtesting based on all available least timeframes.

The backtests’ modeling quality is 90% which is okay for this EA because it does not use a scalping strategy. Both backtests were made using 9 years of historical quotes (from 2012 to 2021) which is more than enough for the proper assessment.

Profitability & Drawdown

Live trading statistics of the FXConstant EA starts in July 2019 or 20 months ago with the initial deposit of 1000$. The system managed to grow the account by 357.74% during its live trading period which is a good result for an expert advisor that’s got only 7% of drawdown level and monthly growth of 7.79%. These results are high enough to say that the EA claims to be one of the profitable Forex robots on ForexStore. Here is a screenshot with the real performance data of the FXConstant EA taken from the Myfxbook website.

FXConstant EA Review - Profitability & Drawdown

But the main idea of this Forex robot not even about the profitability itself. The main feature of FXConstant EA is its reliability and safety of the funds. There is more to say about the drawdown level of the system. As it was mentioned, the EA has got only 7% of fixed drawdown which makes this EA a very safe system. With that said we can assume that FXConstant EA does not give room for deep drawdowns and recovers losses quickly. This speaks up about the conservative nature of the robot which is handy for those who want to get profit with low risks set.

So, the FXConstant system has managed to be profitable and safe during almost two years of trading and did not get a drawdown higher than 7%. Having 357.74% of total gain and 7% of the max drawdown, together with 20 months trading period we can calculate an approximate profit/drawdown ratio which should be around 2.5:1. This is a fantastic ratio result that characterizes the system as profitable and what is the most important – the reliable one. This result reached mostly because of the conservative nature of the system that does not allow to get in deep drawdowns and trades very safely.

Type of Trading

FXConstant EA is a fully automated Forex robot compatible with both MetaTrader 4 and 5. The robot has real live trading statistics that we’re going to dive deeper into in the following trading algorithms and style review of FXConstant EA.

The trading logic of the EA is explained by the developer in the three-step guide on the official website. The first important thing about FXConstant is that the EA uses a specific Market analysis principle crafted by the developer which doesn’t use any indicators. There is no detailed info about the logic of the analysis but we know that the EA chooses the trading pattern that’s going to be used for the particular trade according to the previous Market analysis.

There are 20 different trading patterns that the EA can choose from. The developer of the FXConstant EA did a great job analyzing the market for a long period and identifying the 20 main market behavior patterns through extensive market research. The basic idea of this is to compare every single pattern known by the system to market conditions and to find a match between the market behavior and the pre-programmed patterns so that the system can start trading according to the pattern.

And the third and probably the most important is trade management of the system. FXConstant EA chooses the trade management algorithm according to the pattern chosen in the previous stage. So, basically, the system chooses how to manage the trade, when is the best closing time, what to do if the closed trade was profitable and if it closed in loss and when to stop the trading pattern work. This is a very interesting approach to trading because it makes trading very flexible and sensitive to precise market conditions. As we can see, this logic works pretty well as the system has been successfully trading for 20 months already. Here is a screenshot from the official FXConstant EA website with more about the trading logic of the advisor.

FXConstant EA Review - Type of Trading

The system does not use a grid strategy but there is some kind of lot management in its trading. It does not look exactly like a Martingale trading but it might be some kind of modified reimagined way of lot management that’s based on the nature of the previous trade. As we can see from the following screenshot, the EA uses some kind of pre-set lot size for both winning and losing trades. There are 40 or 52 pips take-profit for winners and something very close for the losers as well – the number in the range of 40-45 pips.

FXConstant EA has made 146 trades since the beginning of the live trading. This means that the system has been making 7.3 trades per month which is not much for a particular EA. But this confirms developers’ statement about the nature of the FXConstant EA:

Pay attention! The EA is designed to trade accurately and carefully. Concerning this, there may be periods when only a few orders are opened in one month. This makes FXConstant very effective in combination with other systems allowing to minimize drawdown overlap.”

FXConstant EA does not keep trades open for a long time. Trade’s duration of the system cording to the Myfxbook statistics is in a range from 4-5 minutes to 6-7 days. Still, most of the trades are closed in a range of one hour.


FXConstant EA is a good example of the conservatively looking trading system with small drawdowns and an unordinary trading strategy that can bring good profits. There is no doubt that this system will be popular among Forex traders of different kinds because it can be used both in combination with other more risky and profitable strategies as well as on its own. The system has all the potential to be called a reliable Forex robot with good profitability as well.

The uncommon attitude toward building the trading strategy released in a form of FXConstant EA deserves praise and good final marks. Also, the work done to craft the analyzing algorithm and identify the trading patterns at the core of the system is amazing.

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$ 295

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