Best FCA Regulated Forex Brokers

A List of FCA Regulated Forex Brokers.

The UK as one of the most reputable financial world centers, throughout its stability, strong economic and political positions have always been an attractive destination to conduct financial services firm. The UK keeps the level of an excellent regulatory system, while almost all firms or even individuals offering financial services in the UK have to be authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). FCA is among the most respected authorities within the financial world that aims to protect consumers, enhance market integrity and promote healthy competition that ensured by the range of strictest demands and regulatory protocols to the licensed companies. The authority is highly active in its supervision tasks, constantly getting involved into each licensed broker operation, checking their performance, follow of guidelines and investigates cases. Apart from the money protection, FCA directs all brokers to protect the clients in case of insolvency under the FSCF (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) with a guarantee of up to £50,000 in compensation. Furthermore, the FCA developed the comprehensive online portal, which brings all necessary information about brokers, updated data and fresh findings that support investors’ choice. Overall, FCA Regulated Forex Brokers providing a high protection for any investor, as the obligations towards the regulations are accurate and sharp.