Forex inControl Robot

  • NEW mode – Accelerator

  • Control Drawdown

  • Trade on 2 Currencies

  • Diversify Risks

$ 270-310

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Minimal Deposit:

$350for 0.01 lot

Type of Trading:

  • Trend Strategy

Trading Pairs:



  • 1:200 or Higher

Friendly EA Broker:

  • XM Broker

This is a new and improved version of Forex inControl that we call – Reborn

Let’s review one of the popular Forex robots out there – Forex inControl EA, which has been on the market for more than 4 years already. The system is positioned as the hard drawdown control Forex robot that rings stable profit. Let’s see if it is true or not in this new Forex robot review on InsiderFX.

Forex inControl Live Statistics with the Real Money Results

Forex inControl EA is available in two versions where one of them includes Accelerator mode as an additional feature and another goes without this mode. The cost of the versions is also different. The version with the Accelerator mode costs $310 while the version without it costs $270. Forex inControl EA has got only one official live trading account verified by the 3-rd party company Myfxbook with the nice straight upward curve.

Forex inControl – Real

Forex inControl EA Backtest Statistics!

There are a number of official backtests available for Forex inControl EA. There are 14 years-long basic backtests on both AUDUSD and EURGBP currency pairs which were made on the historical quotes from 2002 to 2016. And there are also 4 years long comparison backtests on both currency pairs with the Accelerator mode turned on and off. The comparison backtests were made on the historical quotes from 2013 to 2016. All the backtests were made on the M30 time frame with the 90% modeling quality which is fine for this EA since it is not scalping the Forex robot and so it doesn’t need the exact every tick data for its proper work.

Forex inControl AUDUSD

Forex inControl AUDUSD

Forex inControl EURGBP

Forex inControl EURGBP

AUDUSD Acceleration on

AUDUSD Acceleration on

AUDUSD Acceleration off

AUDUSD Acceleration off

EURGBP Acceleration on

EURGBP Acceleration off

Profitability & Drawdown

  • As it’s been mentioned before Forex inControl has only one official Myfxbook account available. The system trades only with the AUDUSD currency pair on the official account and there are only two recommended currency pairs to trade on. But as the developer says: “The algorithm of Forex inControl is so unique that the EA can easily work on many currency pairs. But we chose the two best ones. Trading on two currency pairs makes it possible to cover potential losses on one pair by the profit from trading on the other one. Such diversification allows us to get a stable profit”.

  • The statement mentioned above appears to be not quite true when we analyze the official developers’ account as we can see that the developer trades only on one currency pair instead of the declared two. But we’ll get back to this issue at the end of the review.

  • The official account of Forex inControl EA has made 867% of profit since February 2018 when the account has been started. At the same time systems’ max floating drawdown reached 38.8% of the deposit and the average monthly drawdown level is 7.51%.

  • As we can see from the smooth straight upward curve on the Myfxbook account the EA hasn’t faced any big stop-losses or deeply fixed drawdowns since 2018 (look at the chart below). It shows stable results for more than two and a half years already.

  • Talking about drawdowns on the account it is important to mention that Forex inControl EA is equipped with the system of “Hard control of Drawdowns” which is described by the developer like the system that

  • “…allows specifying a maximal possible drawdown precisely, so that under any circumstances you wouldn’t lose more than expected. In the Forex inControl EA, we applied a technology that automatically sets StopLoss for all orders on such a price, that will not let you lose a dollar more than it is pointed in the settings of the EA”.

FxHelix Review Drawdown and profitability
  • There are real account statistics of Forex inControl EA available since February 2018 which gives us 30 months of trading to analyze. The average drawdown to profit ratio of Forex inControl EA according to the gain and drawdown levels numbers from Myfxbook statistics is approximately 1:0.21 if relying on the 7.58% monthly gain shown on the official page.

  • It might look like the system uses the compound interest to higher the gain level but actually, if we compare the deposit growth to the lot size, we can clearly see that for two years of trading (and with the gain of 867%) the lot size has risen for just 0.05 lot which is too small to be claimed as an option of compound interest.

  • Here are two screenshots with the first orders of the system that shows lots size of 0.15 and then we see that the latest orders are 0.20 lots per trade.

FxHelix Review Drawdown and profitability
FxHelix Review Drawdown and profitability
  • So, as we can see, Forex inControl shows stability and no fixed deep drawdowns or stoplosses during more than two and the half years of trading. Even though the drawdown to profitability ratio is not high we still can say that the system is profitable and (what is more important) safe and stable. The absence of sharp downward moves on the statistic graph indicates that the system really sticks to its philosophy which is described by the developer in this way:

  • “Forex inControl is the EA which can work both: as a single system on the account and in a combination with any other EA. It does not open orders all the time, it waits for the best moment to enter the market. That allows us to trade with several EAs on one account at the same time without getting big drawdowns”.

Type of Trading

  • It is not clear how exactly the system “calculates the best moment to enter the market” but as it’s been mentioned the system managed to do it pretty well in the past.

  • The trading strategy of this EA looks exceptionally. It seems like the system uses a specific type of Martingale strategy to achieve profit but Martingale is used quite rarely and only in certain situations. Analyzing trading statistics of Forex inControl EA it’s clearly seen that about 90% of orders are set without increasing the lot which speaks up about some other kind of trading strategy.

  • It also looks like the EA uses grid strategy when looking on the chart, but is actually something similar to a dynamic grid, but not a classic grid for sure. Orders are opened according to some special algorithm that analyzes the market instead of just opening pre-set grid orders.

  • For example, on the screenshot below we can see the latest orders of the EA with the obvious multiplying of the lot size of every next order but the multiplying is much different from the classic Martingale strategy. In the end, the grid closed in profit even though four out of six trades are closed in the loss.

FxHelix Review Drawdown and profitability
  • During its trading, Forex inControl EA managed to complete only 132 orders which also confirms developers’ statements about the “awaiting” nature of the EA. The results of the trading on the other hand confirm that the system really manages to choose the best moment to enter the market as we see that the percent of the winning orders is 74% while there are only 25% of the losing trades on the account (look on the screenshot below).

FxHelix Review Drawdown and profitability
  • The approximate average duration of the trades on the Forex inControl EA account varies from less than 1 hour to 12-15 days. The orders that have been on the market for a longer period in most of the cases ended up being unprofitable as we can see from the tab below.

FxHelix Review Drawdown and profitability
  • There is a version of the Forex inControl EA that includes an additional feature called “Accelerator mode”. In short, this feature gives a customer an opportunity to allow the system to determine the situation on the market in which the advisor will safely increase the volume of lots without overstating the risks. More information about this and all other features of Forex inControl EA you can find in the user manual attached when buying the robot or by contacting the developer.

  • In addition, it’s needed to be said that there is the issue with the fact that the developer claims Forex inControl EA to work on two currency pairs, but does not trade on EURGBP. To clarify the situation, we contacted the developer of the EA and we were told that during the Brexit period the EURGBP currency pair behaved very unstable and that’s why they don’t recommend clients to use the EURGBP. At the same time AUDUSD has been showing itself more stable, so customers should pay attention to this before purchasing and avoid using the EURGBP currency pair.


  • Briefly characterizing this EA considering all that has been said I would describe Forex inControl EA as a stable and reliable Forex robot that’s been showing pretty well results of managing its drawdowns and choosing an entering point. It brings sufficient monthly profit, even though it trades not too often.

  • There is not much detailed information about the trading logic and strategy of the system available but the trading results such as 2.5 years long upward trading statistics speak up very clearly for the reliability and durability of the Forex inControl EA.

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